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I’m Dr Bruce Jones and l live on the Mornington Peninsula and have owned Peninsula Clinical Nutrition since 2013, providing specialized testing & advice for people suffering from:

Heavy metal and other Environmental toxicities
Fibromyalgia and / or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Autoimmune diseases such as MS, SLE, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroidism) etc.
Chronic gut problems, regardless of cause
Cognitive dysfunction (e.g. memory loss)
and many other conditions…

At Peninsula Clinical Nutrition, we actively promote the science of Nutritional Balancing, utilizing both Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and a range of specialized Functional Pathology tests. We often see patients whose symptoms defy normal medical diagnosis, because the underlying cause(s) of the problem have not been uncovered.

When you do the right tests, you get the right answers and you get to the bottom of the problem. It’s only then can you treat the condition appropriately.

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What is


Clinical Nutrition is not just some fancy name for getting people to eat more healthy & nutritious foods, however admirable that may seem!

Clinical Nutrition is all about appreciating and understanding how our bodies work at a cellular and biochemical level.

It’s all about how we function as an individual, given the various influences of our genetic inheritance, medical history, our food choices and eating patterns together with the effects that our physical environment plays in our overall health and well-being.

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“It’s all about understanding what makes us who we really are.”

Getting the help you need


This process begins with making an initial appointment and completing a set of Questionnaires.

These Questionnaires can be filled in online and emailed back to me. The initial appointment usually lasts a couple of hours and can be made via phone or Skype. Contact details for making your first appointment can be found here.

Following your initial Assessment, I will normally arrange a set of specialized tests for you to complete prior to your second appointment. Then at that time l will formulate a Treatment Plan specifically for your needs, based upon the test results obtained. This plan may involve particular dietary changes or taking carefully selected Nutritional Supplements. Or it may involve further testing.

Some people need additional help with their health over the longer-term, so l will arrange follow-up appointments at regular intervals as required in such instances.

Our Services

Clinical Services

We offer Consultative services together with the most up-to-date biochemical and biological testing to uncover the hidden causes of your medical and/or psychological dysfunction.

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Hair Analysis?

Hair tissue Mineral Analysis is the analysis of hair tissue to determine its chemical content. It can help us understand more about how your body works & any accumulation of various heavy metals & minerals levels.

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Specialized Heavy Metal Testing

To reveal heavy metals that are “hidden” (sequestered) in tissues such as liver, kidneys or bone, other diagnostic tests can determine whether such metals have accumulated in other tissues or organs.

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Contact us

Phone & Video consultations also available.