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Heavy Metal Detoxification

Learn how to use scientific and functional medicine approaches to heavy metal detoxification in clinical practice.

Covering all areas including:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Metal Stool Tests
  • Blood tests
  • Urine Chelation Challenge tests
  • Copper detox and
  • Treatment strategies for ALL heavy metals.

Created by Integrative GP and Clinical Nutritionist Dr Bruce Jones and Clinical Nutritionist Maria Allerton: utilising decades of combined clinical expertise and wisdom.

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What’s included…


  • 9 modules of Instructional videos and PDF notes for each module
  • 10 hours in total of recorded sessions (10 CPE points):
    • Detailed learning on all heavy metal tests including: HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), stool metals and minerals, red cell blood tests, pre and post chelation urine tests
    • Protocols, Case studies, diverse examples of all aspects of heavy metal detoxification
    • All the information you need to become an expert in correctly identifying heavy metal toxicity and detoxing your clients from heavy metals
  • Course summary and clinical pearls
  • Research papers on heavy metal toxicity

9 Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to heavy metals, why they are so toxic and how they damage the body
  • Module 2: Detoxification processes and the genetics of Phase 3 detox pathways
  • Module 3: Biomarkers of metal intoxication and HTMA
  • Module 4: Using DMSA urine challenge tests
  • Module 5: Using red cell blood and stool metal analyses
  • Module 6: Copper deficiency and toxicity
  • Module 7: Heavy metals therapeutics and treatment protocols
  • Module 8: Case studies and protocols
  • Module 9: Course summary and clinical pearls
  • Bonus Materials and Resources: Research articles

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Why focus on heavy metal detox in your clinic?

  • Heavy metal toxicity affects EVERY client/patient we see in clinic and underlies EVERY health condition
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a good starting point for heavy metal investigations, but most of the time it does not show metals due to poor detox/methylation capacity, poor adrenal function and poor Phase 3 detox
  • More detailed tests such as Stool metals, Red cell metals and chelation urine challenge tests are very important to determine the full scale of heavy metal toxicity
  • Designing successful treatment protocols for heavy metal detoxification is an essential clinical skill

Who Is This Course For?

You will find this course essential if you are in a medical or complimentary health practice and are able to prescribe vitamins and minerals in order to address your patient’s health issues.

You will love the course if you are a:

  • A holistic/integrative GP/MD
  • Nutritionist or Dietician
  • Naturopath/ND or Herbalist
  • Other holistic health practitioner

Proven Approach

When you choose your training for Heavy Metal Detox, it’s important to know it’s coming from a knowledgeable and experienced source:

Both Dr Bruce and Maria specialise in heavy metal detoxification as part of their clinical practice and have developed proven approaches to assess and treat patients with heavy metal toxicity. Having conducted thousands of hair mineral analyses and stool/urine tests for metals between them, their protocols and treatment approaches are both comprehensive and effective.

About Dr Bruce Jones

Medical Doctor and Clinical Nutritionist
MBBS (1980; University of Melbourne), Dip Obstetrics RACOG (1982), Dip Horticulture (2000), Adv Dip Nutritional Medicine (2013). ATMS member.

Dr Bruce specialises in individualised Nutritional and Integrative Medicine, working extensively in the field of Clinical Metal Toxicology, especially as it relates to patients with ADHD, ME CFS and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Bruce Jones, an expert in individualised Nutritional and Integrative Medicine, specialising in Clinical Metal Toxicology. In his practice, he emphasizes the importance of Nutritional Balancing through tools like Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and specialised Functional Pathology tests, often working with patients whose conditions have gone undiagnosed in conventional medicine.

He regularly teaches GPs, Allied and Natural Health Practitioners in Postgraduate Clinical Education. His key interests are in the twin sciences of Systems Biology and Translational Medicine, bridging the gap between medical research and clinical practice.

Dr. Jones began his medical journey in 1980, graduating from the University of Melbourne with an MBBS and obtaining a Diploma of Obstetrics in 1982, and then spent many years as a General Practitioner, focusing on chronic pain management and counseling.

From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Jones served as a Senior Lecturer in Integrative Medicine at the National Institute for Integrative Medicine (NIIM). During this time, he developed a Heavy Metal Evaluation Program. He then set up a clinic, offering specialized testing and guidance for patients dealing with heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxins, ME/CFS, autoimmune diseases, chronic gut problems, cognitive dysfunction, and more.

Bruce’s enduring hobby is Ornamental Horticulture, linking the growing and understanding of medicinal plants to his professional medical interests.

Contact Dr Bruce Jones

About Maria Allerton

Clinical Nutritionist
Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine, B.Comm UNSW. ATMS member.

I am fully qualified Nutritionist, in clinical practice since 2013, trained in all modes of Functional Medicine testing, including heavy metal testing, gastrointestinal testing and analysis, microbiome management, Organic acids test, thyroid and hormonal testing and treatment and toxicity assessment and treatment and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

I undertake regular post graduate training in diverse medicine and nutrition areas to ensure I have the latest knowledge and protocols. My passion is to help individuals and their families find a truly healthy life through eating real food, improving their lifestyle, addressing gut and mood issues, metabolic issues, through understanding body systems and genetics.

Having personal experience with numerous health conditions makes all the difference

What makes my approach to holistic healthcare unique is the fact that I have personally experienced numerous, often debilitating health conditions throughout my life. This helps me in my nutrition clinic daily in numerous ways: to truly relate and empathise with my patients, to be able to quickly identify potential underlying causes that others have missed and order the right functional tests and devise effective treatment plans.

Some of the conditions that I have personally dealt with during my health journey include: severe food intolerances and allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and SIBO, gut dysbiosis and infections, Candida, Pyroluria, Gilbert’s Syndrome, MTHFR and numerous other unfavourable genetics, thyroid and hormonal dysregulation, depression and anxiety, adrenal fatigue and burnout, insomnia, weight gain and loss and many others.

What I think truly makes a difference and what I love to do with my patients is to put together the ‘puzzle pieces’ to form a real understanding of the TRUE CAUSES of their health issues. In my health journey I consulted numerous conventional and complimentary health practitioners along the way and to be honest never found somebody who really ‘gets it’ and can see through all the test results, symptoms, emotions and history and put it all together. I decided that I would become that practitioner and that is what I thrive on in my clinic work.

My personal heavy metal story is extensive: firstly I was exposed to mercury in utero as my mum had numerous amalgam fillings and cadmium+ nickel as my dad was a smoker. I grew up in Russia where leaded petrol and paint were still extensively used in the 1970s and 80s. Then I was exposed to Chernobyl radiation while living in Moscow as a child. Onto the reproductive years: lots of tuna consumption, exposure to oral contraceptives and copper IUD and onto a broken mercury thermometer – this was the deciding factor in my health downward spiral. Combined with unfavourable methylation/detox genetics and chronic zinc deficiency, all this led me onto a massive heavy metal detox journey which was guided by Dr. Bruce Jones.

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$595 AUD

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Lifetime Access. Study at your own pace.