Clinical Metal Toxicology Training

for Health Professionals

Are you an Australian / New Zealand GP, Naturopath or other Health Care Professional seeking to learn more about the impact of Heavy Metals on human health? Then, I may just have the Course for you!

Clinical Metal Toxicology covers both the science and Clinical application of a vast body of knowledge relating to how heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic etc. impact upon human health.

Literally everybody accumulates heavy metals to a greater or lesser extent through their lifetimes. These metals interfere with normal biological processes via enzyme inhibition and mitochondrial dysfunction. Additionally, most metals induce oxidative stress whilst others are definitely carcinogenic.

Depending on a range of factors, such metals may impact one’s health in different ways. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune diseases, Cognitive dysfunction and chronic Gastrointestinal disorders are all impacted by the accumulation of heavy metals.

What’s on offer

I am offering a six-week one-on-one training program based on a weekend Seminar series l ran in Adelaide a couple of years ago. Each session lasts about an hour & a half and is normally conducted via phone or Skype once a week at a convenient time to suit. This is personalized, PowerPoint-based training designed to provide you with both the theoretical basis and Clinical skills needed to get you started helping your patients in this whole field.

Cost and Enrolment

The cost of each session is $120 per hour pro-rata and is GST-free.
An average session lasting 90 mins would therefore cost $180.
Such training is fully tax-deductible.

To enrol, simply call me on 0402 146 609 or email me at:

Course Outline